We have been closely monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic and are supporting global efforts to tackle the virus. Since the outbreak, we have been actively exploring ways to reduce the spread of the virus.

Our Response Efforts

Using our expertise and knowledge of optical satellite image remote sensing and atmospheric modelling, we are researching innovative ways to protect against and fight Covid-19.

Covid-19 and Our Skin

Our skin is our body’s largest natural defence. When our skin shows signs of distress, it could be the first sign that something is wrong.

 As we learn more about the virus, it is becoming clear that symptoms of the novel coronavirus can vary from one person to another. Skin rashes and other skin related ailments could be signs of Covid-19. As these signs are not always accompanied by pulmonary ailments, the patients who do not exhibit common symptoms could be inadvertently spreading the virus without knowing it.

 We are actively exploring together with dermatology researchers and clinicians the possible correlation with Covid-19 symptoms of the skin and prototyping telemedicine technologies using our proprietary image processing algorithms to aid in the detection of these kinds of skin lesions.

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